Astroimaging Equipment


Telescopes Mounts Cameras
Alter M1008, 10” f/10 Maksutov-Cassegrain Astro-Physics 900GTO Hutech-modified Canon 350D (type 1a filter)
Orion 190mm f/5.3 Maksutov-Newtonian Orion Sirius EQ-G Orion Parsec 8300M
Astro-Physics 130  f/6.3 Gran Turismo Vixen Great Polaris Orion StarShoot Pro
Vixen 114ED f/5.3 Refractor Yankee Robotics Trifid-2 (KAF-6303E)


Computers Software Other
For the field: 2006 Dell Inspiron 600m (native serial port!) MaxIm DL Pro 5 2 x 115Ah and 1 x 85 Ah deep cycle marine batteries
ASUS Mini EEEPC 1000H Photoshop CS4 Harbor Freight Storm Cat 900W generator
2010 HP Desktop Noise Ninja Plugin 10′ x 10′ FirstUp Canopy when needed
Rogelio Andreo’s HLVG Plugin  60W Solar Panel w/charger, backup
RegiStax 5 (for the few times I image the planets)
PixInsight 2012 Subaru Outback to take me to the wonderful dark sky sites.




Here’s most of the astroimaging equipment I use currently. The VX114ED and AP130GT get the most action by far. I need a location with better seeing to support more focal length! Even 1000mm can be problematic in the wind, and that is on a rock-solid AP900GTO mount.  The Trifid-2 camera may have to be sold if I don’t start using it. It’s a terrific scientific grade camera without anti-blooming so it should have a fairly linear response.

I will be adding a nightscape section later in 2015.

I recognize that much of my gear is becoming dated, however astroimaging equipment is far less dependent on modern consumer electronics and computer operating systems than, say, a GoPro.  In fact, hardware, software and driver support for astronomical CCD cameras is usually happier with Win 7 or older, and has no problem with 32-bit systems. Ok.. what I’m really lacking is a camera that uses the KAI-11002.. I’m like 10 years late to that bandwagon. Chip real estate is one of the  common attributes in published astrophotos. Anyways

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