About the Astrophotographer

Bryan, TSP, RASA

Bryan Imaging at TSP with RASA, photo credit Kevin LeGore

Bryan and the 10" Mak

Bryan and the mighty 10″ Mak

(About the Astrophotographer)

I am a consumer products professional and astrophotographer working for Celestron Telescopes as their Product Manager for High-End Astronomy.  Born and raised in San Jose, CA, I have been enamored with astronomy since kindergarten and began taking astrophotos with slide film when I was in high school.  I am always seeking and traveling to the best dark skies with my portable imaging setups. I usually setup and take down the same night (except the occasional 2-4 night imaging marathon).  My career also involves field testing and debugging other imaging equipment, so I am well-versed in setting up just about anything and getting results the first night out.

I now reside in the South Bay of Los Angeles county, which makes me keenly aware of light pollution and the importance to advocate dark skies.  In the last few years, I have concentrated more on “medium” focal length and field of view in the 800-1200mm range with sensors around the APS-C size.  I also prefer white-light RGB images, though I do dabble in H-alpha and selective narrow band.  Nightscape photography has recently sparked my interest, too.


Star parties and public astronomy events offer great places to access a telescope.  I participate in outreach events, both official and spur-of-the-moment (which are my favorite).  I love helping people look through a telescope for the first time; anyone who gets their first glimpse of Saturn’s rings for the first time is awestruck.

NASA AMES Outreach

Outreach at NASA AMES, 2005


The Imaging Quartet

Ken Sablinsky, Eiji Mori, Steve Peters, and I have been imaging together for over 10 years.  We primarily imaged at sites near the Bay Area, central coast, central Sierras, and remote northeastern California. We’ve endured our share of equipment failure and the things that mountain environments throw at us, including freak Sierra snowstorms in May, wildfire smoke blotting out the sky, bears, and other fun obstacles.

Imaging Buddies



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