Starry Night Over the Trinity Alps

Milky Way over Canyon Creek in the Trinity Alps

Milky Way over Canyon Creek in the Trinity Alps

Canon 60Da
Sigma 18-25mm f/1.8 DC (set to 18mm f/1.8)
30 seconds at ISO 2500
6 panel mosaic, each with the same exposure, no superimposing, all shown in 1 layer

This starry night over the Trinity Alps was captured Saturday morning, May 23rd 2015 from the Canyon Creek Lakes. Desirae and I backpacked into this beautiful mountain paradise and began to understand what the Trinity Alps had to offer. This awesome campsite was some 9 miles into the trail which provided the view you see here to the SE. The north had a view of the Trinity Alp’s highest and most craggiest peaks, including Sawtooth, Wedding Cake, and Thompson.  I was carrying the rather heavy Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC lens, not to mention a full sized photo tripod and the Canon 60Da. This extra bulk was arguably impractical for backpacking but it was worth while! Our campsite withstood harsh thunderstorms Friday afternoon.  I set my alarm for 1:30AM and woke up to a perfectly clear sky.  The few day old crescent Moon had already set, leaving only star light, perhaps some skyglow, and some natural airglow (greenish glow in the image) to illuminate the granite and glaciated peaks.  The Canyon Creek valley filled with fog which was easy to spot that night. This fog, blanketing over many streams and waterfalls, could explain the groves of coastal Redwoods that thrived there some 90 miles inland from Eureka.

Star Trails over the Trinity Alps

Star Trails over the Trinity Alps

Canon 60Da
Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC
Single 75 minute exposure, no stacking
35mm ISO200, f/5

I believe in single shot star trail images because they truly capture and represent Earth’s rotation and passage of time, including capturing meteors and satellites, if they chance getting in the shot. Pure and simple, just a long shutter, same approach as a film camera.


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  1. Bob Moore says:

    Great shot buddy! You guys out west have all the fun!

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